ULYSSES - PO Box 493, 2871 West Oklahoma, Ulysses, Kansas 67880
Phone: 620-356-4785
HUGOTON - PO Box 637, 823 East 11th, Hugoton, Kansas 67951
Phone: 620-544-2606
PERRYTON - PO Box 1132, 12785 loop 143 Perryton, TX 79070
Phone: 806-648-2870

Lay any size steel pipe
Set & pipe in compressors
Repair existing pipelines
Set & tie-in meter runs
Any size road bores
Install gathering systems
Maintain roads
Haul gravel & rocks
Fabricate security cages
Dirt Contracting

Some of our previous projects:

ExxonMobil: Set 210 new pumping units, water tanks, and laid electric and water lines on all locations.

ExxonMobil: Set 12-400 bbl fiberglass tanks, 3-300 bbl steel tanks, 6 separators, and built berms and fences around all equipment.

BP: Set 100-210 bbl fiberglass tanks and laid 20 miles of electric and water lines.

ExxonMobil: Laid six miles of 2500 pound 3 inch fiberglass pipe with numerous high pressure pipeline crossings.

BP: Laid 60 miles of 2 inch poly pipe to replace existing PVC water line.

Occidental Petroleum: Laid five miles of 3 inch 2500 pound fiberglass and hooked up 10 wells to aid in oil production gathering,

Treco, Inc. is KCC and ICC approved to meet any of your hauling needs.

Our Roustabout Service Department consists of highly experienced, motivated and talented personnel. Treco, Inc. will perform any type of job from setting tanks and building saltwater disposals, to trenching and laying electric and water lines. We have extensive experience in setting pumping units of all sizes, heater treaters, separators, and plumbing of well heads.


Along with our other listed services, Treco, Inc. has the manpower and equipment to maintain roads, including the hauling and handling of a wide variety of gravels, rocks and caliche. We provide mowing of locations and lease roads. We have expertise in fabrication of security cages and fences of all types, made to your specifications.

Our roustabout team performs the changing of saddle bearings, tail bearings, wrist pins, and polish rod liners on pumping units, as a preventative maintenance measure.



Treco, Inc., has built several water flood systems to aid in the recovery of oil, which include several miles of fiberglass pipe, road bores, electric lines and setting of pumps.



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